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Did you ever meet a no-nonsense black woman? A real one? They don’t suffer fools gladly. There’s no black and white in their world; there’s no shades of gray; there’s only good and bad. That makes them politically incorrect from any direction you come from. There’s no tact; no diplomacy; no spin. They see it like it is and tell it like it is, because they live it like it is. They’re dangerous. That’s Telly. Telly’s a loose cannon; a rogue, black female detective working the meanest streets in the nation, who gets unconditional love from a bottle of Wild Turkey and two Warthog .45’s, she calls her little piglets, that dispense justice − Jone’s style. Free your mind and hold on to your ass, and ride-along with Telly. Start with The Fruitless Womb, then The Kiss of the Harlequin, and Children of the Porn.


You could call The Fontella Jones Chronicles a detective novel series, a mystery novel series, or a crime novel series. But they’re something much more than that. These are crossover stories that walk the edge of the precipice of political, social and racial correctness. They peel back the thin layer of societal civility and expose the raw, roiling malevolence that lurks beneath. They blur the line between reality and fiction.

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